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Leaders in the magnesium industry

Magnesio & Metal is dedicated to the design and manufacture of lightweight mechanical components based on magnesium alloys. We are a family owned company founded in 1996, and we are the first Spanish company dedicated exclusively to magnesium.

Over the years we have acquired a high level of experience and wide know-how in the handling, manufacturing and production processes of magnesium alloy com

Play Video about Video Proceso Magnesio&Metal
Play Video about Video Proceso Magnesio&Metal


Proceso: Fundición a presión/Inyección de magnesio por Magnesio&Metal

High pressure die casting

High pressure die casting of magnesium alloys in cold chamber and hot chamber.

Proceso: Mecanizado de piezas por Magnesio&Metal

CNC Machining

Numerical control machining processes by chip removal and abrasion on magnesium alloys.

Proceso: Acabado superficial por Magnesio&Metal

Surface finishing

Mechanical adjustment, coatings, painting, chemical treatments and assembly.

Proceso: Desarrollo de moldes a medida por Magnesio&Metal

Tooling development

Design, manufacturing, homologation and maintenance of molds, trimming tools and machining and control jigs.

Proceso: Ingenieria de proceso por Magnesio&Metal

Industrial engineering

Product design, process engineering, simulation, prototyping and testing.

Proceso: Control de calidad por Magnesio&Metal


Quality control.


Magnesium alloy products

We specialize in high-pressure die casting, machining and surface finishing of magnesium alloys, offering high-value-added light metal products for various sectors:


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