Proceso: Fundición a presión/Inyección de magnesio por Magnesio&Metal

High pressure die casting

High pressure die casting of magnesium alloys in cold chamber and hot chamber.

Proceso: Mecanizado de piezas por Magnesio&Metal

CNC Machining

Numerical control machining processes by chip removal and abrasion on magnesium alloys.

Proceso: Acabado superficial por Magnesio&Metal

Surface finishing

Mechanical adjustment, coatings, painting, chemical treatments and assembly.

Proceso: Desarrollo de moldes a medida por Magnesio&Metal

Tooling development

Design, manufacturing, homologation and maintenance of molds, trimming tools and machining and control jigs.

Proceso: Ingenieria de proceso por Magnesio&Metal

Industrial engineering

Product design, process engineering, simulation, prototyping and testing.

Proceso: Control de calidad por Magnesio&Metal


Quality control.

Learn about our manufacturing process

Our activity begins with the design support of the product demanded by our customers, communicating to them the modifications that are required to be able to manufacture such product. We complement the customer’s design (based on the final function of the part) with our design knowledge (based on the manufacturing process).

We also collaborate with our suppliers in the design of injection molds and trimming dies, based on our experience as operators of these tools.

Our manufacturing process consists of transforming the raw material (magnesium alloy ingots) into a final product for our customers by: die casting (injecting molten metal into a fixed mold with cavities in the shape of the final product), trimming (removing excess material generated during injection), machining (removal of chips to achieve the dimensional and geometric tolerances specified by customers) and final adjustment (sanding, polishing, filing and vibration polishing to present final products without imperfections).

At the customer’s request, parts are treated superficially (liquid and powder painting, cataphoresis, electroless nickel plating, passivation) and/or assembled (assembly or insertion of commercial components). The entire process is subject to rigorous quality control aimed at removing all defects, so we can meet our customers’ specifications.