Magnesio & Metal has years of experience and extensive know-how in these types of processes, mastering the technologies of cold-chamber and hot-chamber magnesium casting.

Die casting injection or high pressure die casting is a process by which molten metal is introduced under high pressure into a steel mold. After solidification of the metal, the parts are deburred by means of a cutting die.

This process allows large volumes of parts to be manufactured precisely and repeatedly at low cost. Our knowledge of the particularities of the process and the behavior of molten magnesium allows us to manufacture high-quality products and components with very thin thicknesses and complex geometries. This capacity for complex geometries together with the excellent castability of magnesium alloys allows the functional design of the components to be optimized, providing the final product with lightness and simplicity, as well as minimizing the need for secondary operations in the process.

There is also the option of overmolding inserts during the HPDC process to eliminate subsequent assembly operations.

We have a foundry area with six hot-chamber and cold-chamber injectors ranging from 230 to 1100 tons of clamping force. These are protected with the necessary safety measures, which makes our process robust and reliable. The most used magnesium alloys are AZ91d and the AM family (AM60, AM50).

Our range of machine sizes and process knowledge allow us to offer our customers a flexible facility capable of providing excellent services for small-, medium- and large-volume manufacturing projects.

Magnesio & Metal has several R&D technological developments in injection molding as a result of our years of experience as manufacturers of magnesium alloy components and our extensive know-how in injection molding processes.