Abrasive machining processes allow burrs and imperfections to be removed, so we can achieve the aesthetic surface finish that our customers demand in their products.

These processes also let the surface of the parts prepeared for subsequent painting and coating processes, improving their adhesion and corrosion resistance.


At Magnesio & Metal, we offer our customers the following sub-processes:

Whether for aesthetic purposes or because the final application of the components requires it to be protected, some magnesium components require surface treatments or coatings.

At M&M, we offer our customers painting and surface coating sub-processes that increase the durability of our parts in the environments for which they were designed.

Most of the components manufactured in Magnesio y Metal are later assembled or mounted in more complex products.

At M&M, we have the facilities and qualified personnel to perform assembly operations for our customers, from the installation of small inserts to create simple sub-assemblies to the assembly of complex precision products.