The great challenges of our time oblige us to remain united and committed to constant improvement, retaining the spirit that has characterised Magnesio y Metal since its inception as a family business more than 23 years ago. For us, being sustainable means continuing to develop our company, from an economic, environmental and social standpoint, creating and marketing innovative products and processes.


Commitment to the Environment is a prioritised objective in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility at Magnesio y Metal S.L. We work to minimise the environmental impact of our business and promote the participation of all our employees in achieving this objective.

At Magnesio y Metal we actively protect the environment through:

  1. Production processes designed to minimise the impact on the environment:
    • Complete recycling of the waste and residues from the manufacturing process: in the melting stage, a certain proportion of magnesium scrap, obtained from the melting process, is melted together with the ingots of raw material. The residue from subsequent machining operations (shavings, debris, dust and others.) is sold on the market as by-products. As a result, we obtain a closed-loop recycling of the raw material.
    • Permanent controls of our industrial processes.
  2. Efficient energy management: Use of the residual heat from the furnaces by means of heat exchangers to heat the plant.
  3. Treatment of waste water.
  4. Selective collection of waste and the specialised managment of some of it by means of a licensed waste collector.

Our environmental commitment is specified in our environmental policy.


The business sector is an essential player in the development policies of society. We, at Magnesio y Metal, contribute to this development through 2 ways:

  1. From our own business: source of wealth and decent employment.
  2. Complementary measures carried out with the aim of improving the environment which we operate.

Consult our  policy on social commitment  relating to our business and complementary business activities in our environment.